Telephony Voice Solutions

Reduce business telephone costs by up to as much as 30 – 45% with Imply IT’s Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution.
With no interruptions and a simple installation, savings will be generated instantly, reducing operating costs and enhancing cash flow.

In addition to reducing business telephone costs, there are numerous other attractive benefits for a business utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP).

Imply IT’s┬áVoice over IP Solutions (VoIP) offer customers highly competitive call rates and guaranteed voice quality. Calls are routed through IS (Internet Solutions) connections to our data centres in Umhlanga, Rosebank & Parklands where we have connections into all the major Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers.

Network redundancy is a critical component of our network and if necessary we have the ability to automatically switch the routing between providers, based on their quality and network performance.

Free inter-branch calling are among the many additional benefits of utilising a Voice over IP Solution (VOIP) System.

Key Benefits:

  1. Call Rates
  2. Redundancy
  3. Voice Quality
  4. Free Inter-branch & Calling


VoIP PABX rivals the features and functionality of traditional telephone systems.

Other PBX’s are expensive, and usually get outdated the minute you purchase your unit. Imply IT PABX is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and flexible enough to handle all voice and data networking for up to call centers of more than 5000 users.

You can replace your existing switchboard or complement a PABX by adding VoIP, voicemail, conferencing and many other capabilities.



  • Auto Attendant.
  • Unified messaging with Voicemail facilities.
  • Music or promotional Advertising on hold.
  • Conference call facilities.
  • Interactive voice response with database integration.
  • Call recording on selected or all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • IP and VPN networking across multiple sites.
  • Non proprietary to avoid vendor lock in Snom, Yeahlink, Iserve etc.
  • Wifi Cordless systems for mobile extensions.
  • VoiceStack – Telephone Management Solutions call reports.
  • Scalability for the SME Market.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration (Call Directly from Microsoft Outlook).


VoiceStack combines a powerful billing engine with a web-based reporting and analysis interface, providing a centralised solution for managing and controlling Asterisk infrastructure.

Developed by a team of VoIP specialists with over a decade of industry experience, VoiceStack has been designed from the ground up to facilitate customised reporting from a high-level management overview all the way through to highly specific extension, group or PIN reports.



  • Top duration graphing
  • Top cost graphing
  • Split graphs by extensions, groups and PINs
  • Time-based graphing per extension, group and PIN
  • Company overview graphs
  • Incoming / outgoing call recording


  • Create and manage groups of extensions
  • System health overview
  • Easily add new users
  • Assign access privileges to users
  • Easy acces to recorded calls


  • Custom date-ranges
  • Intuitive report wizard
  • Detailed and summarised reports
  • Filter by outgoing vs incoming calls
  • Itemised PDF report
  • CSV report export
  • Group-based reporting
  • Multiple extension reports
  • PIN reports
  • Top duration reports
  • Top cost reports
  • Split by internal, incoming and outgoing calls
  • One-click sorting


  • Optimised for high-load servers
  • Bundled with Telkom and Internet Solutions call rates
  • Configurable no-cost channels
  • Auto-detection of internal no-cost calls
  • Quick health overview for billing errors