Our team of programmers and graphic designers have over a decade of experience in software development. We specialise in web application development for both publicly accessible applications, as well as large, scalable, corporate intranet solutions.

As more and more companies are moving their focus from shop-fronts to websites, it is becoming a must to have your own online presence.

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Does your business rely on laborious, paper-based processes? Would real-time reporting and access to data enable better management of your staff? Perhaps it is time to convert your manual processes into computerized, cloud-based systems.

Business Process Analysis

We assist you in mapping out your business processes and systems. From this analysis, our programmers are able to collaboratively design computerized systems to assist in automating and better streamlining your business.

Cloud-based Applications

Whilst we occasionally still develop stand-alone desktop applications, we highly recommend application architectures be cloud-based. There are numerous advantages to this. Cloud-based architectures alleviate the need for installation on each user’s PC, is operating system agnostic, and greatly reduces system requirements; as all processing takes place on the server.

As the data is stored centrally, backups and security is greatly simplified. One huge advantage is the increased accessibility of the systems, as they can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. This means you have access to your corporate data at the office, at home, on holiday and from your PC, laptop, cellphone or tablet.



Imply I.T. offers website development solutions from the design all the way to the finalised, live website. A meeting is arranged to discuss the design and functional spec for the site A design is then created and sent to the customer for proofing. Once the design has been signed off work is started on the code for the website. A quality assurance server provides a live environment with full functionality that the customer can test the site in before it is released to the general public. This ensures peace of mind and the utmost satisfaction for the customer.

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In this digital age, the most valuable assets within the organisation is data. Data breaches not only compromise competitive advantage and damage the company’s reputation, but can also have legal consequences. With new legislation, such as the POPI Act and the Consumer Protection Act, directors are ultimately responsible for the security of the private and personal data of their clients. In order to assist companies with the increasingly complex task of securing corporate data, networks and systems, we provide a number of security-based services and solutions.

Security Architecture Consulting

Whether you are designing database driven applications or Wide Area Networks, our security consultants are able to assist in applying their skills and experience to deliver secure architecture designs, adhering to international best practices.

Security Audits and Assessments

We provide thorough audits and vulnerability assessments on services, servers, databases, applications, policies, procedures and processes. We also have expertise in code review for web applications.

Security Awareness Training

We offer a number of short courses aimed at a variety of different audiences, all of which are aimed at increasing the level of security awareness within the organisation.

  • End-user Security Awareness
    • Assisting the end-users in adjusting behavioural patters so as to use computing systems more securely. In addition, we provide training in the identification of possible social engineering attacks, such as phishing scams.
  • Secure Development Training
    • A short, interactive presentation geared towards software developers to bring about awareness of attack vectors and best practices to harden application security.
  • Strategic Corporate Security
    • This interactive workshop engages corporate strategists and decision makers to highlight global trends, threats and considerations at a high-level, strategic perspective.